Our Mission

The Midlothian Business Alliance brings the community together to build relationships and collaborate to make the Midlothian Area the best place to live, work, and play.


Why join GSBA ?

Some of the many benefits of joining GSBA include:

  • Network – Create your own business opportunities by networking with other involved with the GSBA

  • Advocacy – GSBA is the respected Voice of Business in Chesterfield County

  • Quarterly Meetings – Informative meetings are held every March, June, September and December

  • Raising Standards – Efforts like the MIRR project are raising the standard for county wide landscaping.

  • Foster Community Spirit – By attending one of our many networking events or luncheon meetings, you have the chance to meet potential nearby clients and suppliers.

  • Protect Your Investment – Your building store or property are important investments and by supporting the GSBA you are protecting that investment.

  • Professional Development – GSBA promotes and sponsors educational opportunities as needed.

  • Personal Growth – By being active in the GSBA individuals have an chance to develop leadership skills while assisting the business community at large.